Batumi is a city that knows how to surprise

 Choosing Batumi for a vacation, tourists first of all count on clean mountain air and sea bathing, supplemented with a pleasant bonus in the form of delicious national dishes and wine. But once in this city they realize that Batumi is not only a place for beach rest, but a city with interesting architecture, drowning in greenery and endless hospitality.

Tourists rent cars and drive around Batumi. This is a real anthill, where car horns day and night merge
with the voices of people, and the air is filled with the aromas of all kinds of spices and tart, insanely
strong, sweet coffee.
Any visitor is immediately struck by the architecture. It is so diverse and even sometimes chaotic that it
creates its own, incomparable flavor, in which each house is like a bright patch on a colorful handmade
Here old, fairy-tale-like houses neighbor with huge modern futuristic skyscrapers. And shabby Soviet
high-rise buildings share yards with luxurious, framed with stucco, mansions This surprises, mesmerizes
and makes you walk the streets of Batumi for long hours, looking at each house as a work of art.
Local attractions complement and surprise tourists no less than the city's architectural vinaigrette.
For example, the tower of the Georgian alphabet - a spire, 130 meters high, made in the form of two DNA
spirals. The 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet are placed on the spire. The tower was built as a tribute
to the history and love for the native language. Inside there is an elevator that takes visitors to the
observation deck, where you can admire breathtaking views of the city.
And for those who want to see Batumi from a bird's-eye view, the Argo cable car operates in the city.
Comfortable carriages will take tourists from the seafront to the top of Mount Feoria. The views from there
quite justify the name of the mountain.
Another symbol of Batumi is the famous sculpture of Ali and Nino.
Symbolizing the relationship between a man and a woman. According to the legend, these lovers were
not allowed by their parents to be in a place. And now every day the sculptures move towards each other
to meet and then part again.
The central square of the city, which is decorated with the sculpture "Medea and the Golden Fleece" - a
symbol of wealth and prosperity of Georgia - is also a delight.
Batumi pays attention not only to cultural recreation, but also to sports.
Along the embankment, which is 7 kilometers long, there is a bicycle path, as well as several zones with
free fitness equipment. In the parks there are places for yoga and meditation.
Georgians have taken care not only about the rest of tourists, the city has a huge number of shopping
centers, chain supermarkets and boutiques of famous foreign firms. So good shopping here is inevitable.
With the onset of darkness Batumi lights up the lights and turns on the music, turning into an endlessly
bright holiday. Absolutely everything on the streets glows and sounds - lanterns, fountains, buildings and
even water. The city draws tourists into this crazy dance of music and fire, penetrates into the soul and
makes them return again and again.

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